Renault Clio – Offers nimble driving

Renault has given Clio a new facelift in order to stand strongly among the competitors such as Ford Fiesta. The Clio has entered in the third generation and is ahead of refinement and quality.

For: Refined diesels, roomy cabin, comfortable riding, nimble to drive, classy and practical to use.

Against: Facelift is poorly resolved, lack of steering.

The Renault Clio is considered as one of the excellent car that offers classy, comfortable and quite riding, which is cheap to run. The Clio is one of the best mini to drive even on the bumpy and unpaved roads, as it is the perfect combination of comfort and intuitive features. In the world of hot hatch, the French automaker knows the demand from the market people and hence the Clio is perfectly designed with appropriate use of body styles and features.

Styling : The Renault Clio was first time introduced back in 2005 and now it comes with more advanced technology wrapped in it. The styling clues are taken from the New Megane in order to achieve good position in the market. In the front it offers reprofiled nose that are larger and headlamps that are swept back, whereas rear front gets tailgate and bumper. You get a choice of selecting five or three hatchbacks with a Sport Tourer estate and are versatile in nature. The Clio offers six trim levels that include Dynamique, Expression, GT, Extreme, Initiale and Privlege. Renault Sport 200 is in the top range that comes with exclusive technical features and function.

Driving Performance: Like the previous model, the Clio offers excellent balance in between the handling and riding. Even on the tight turn roads you receive good suspension that allows easy driving. It also offers excellent controls because of the plenty of grip because if the light steering and thus fails to develop increase in the speed. The Sporty GT is fun to fun to drive that makes your driving experience memorable. At one point you might hear suspension clatter while driving on the rougher surfaces. The petrol engines are hushed and thus offers quietest around the bumpy roads.

Engine Performance

The quiet and smooth 1.5 dCi are the best engines to go for as it delivers power in the range of 85bhp and 106bhp. This also adds effortless because of the powerful and strong machines under the 60mpg. A six speed manual transmission is offered within the motorway relaxing. The several range of five petrol engine is packed in mix bag. The VVT 1.6 is available with two states that tune by delivering 108 bhp and 126bhp and thus feel strained. The responsive and muscular turbocharged 1.2L that delivers 73bhp is excellent. Another masterpiece unit is the Renault’s 2.0 L is masterpiece and thus we get blistering performance.

Inside the cabin

The interiors of the Renault Clio are more spacious as compared with the other supermini models and can accodomate five adults with ease and comfort. The Clio offers simple heater controls, excellent all round vision and are fiddly in nature. Every model is delighted with extensive features and functions and thus we can get sumptuous amount of facilities. Even the boot size is good and supportive with various technical function. It has also received electric windows and CD player, navigation system, satellite radio, automatic hedalights, wipers and air condition. The top range of model offer Line TomTom that adds a rear spoiler, climate control and tinted rear windows.