Magic Sky Control: fancy tech gimmick

Mercedes-Benz is all set to launch a whole array of technofare comprising of intelligent attractive systems and some solutions that will have the word “Magic” written all over. The first of this so called phenomena will be the Magic Sky Control, to make its debut in 2011 on the new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Klasse, either at the NAIAS Detroit show or probably even at the Geneva Motor Show.

The system is one hell of a dynamic panorama sunroof comprising of electrically-governed particles, which vary the darkness level depending on the surroundings. The glass shield is akin to theory of use of a plate capacitor: if you apply tension to the circuit, then the particles will stick to a queue so that they let the light penetrate inside the vehicle. Light is deflected if the flow of tension is stopped.Mercedes Engineers have been claiming that this also helps keeps away the UV and infrared rays so that the occupants can be cossetted in luxury and stop worrying about the tan they might get. This technology won’t affect the shape or property of the glass and could be adapted to every window in the car. It is also adjustable from clear to dark blue. Installing Magic Sky Control on the new SLK-Klasse will make you poorer by 2,000 euros, we think that it would be a wise investment.

If you are familiar with the Mercedes’ new 2011 E-Class Cabrio, you will faintly recollect the AirCap riding on top of the windshield. Its a very effective device for keeping the cockpit at a comfortable temperature with minimal turbulence, the tiny strip is composed of, you wouldn’t believe it, a whooping 211 parts. The Magic Sky Control glass roof, while simple in appearance, is likely every bit as over-engineered.

According to grapevine, the new Magic Body Control system is going to put in special strands in the suspension mounts so that they are likely to nullify sound-induced vibrations by a whooping 80 percent. This ingenious system will reportedly remove body roll and also balance wheel movements.

Basically, it is the new stage of Daimler Chrysler’s Active Body Control. It is to be manufactured in collaboration with the ZF – a German engineering and gearbox company which already manufactures the 8 speed transmission for Mercedes cars. These technology will debut in 2012 in the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class and also the newly popular CL-Class.

Though the nomenclatures sound too far fetched, this technology would be the right step forward from the German company like its other innovations such as the Infrared night vision camera, massaging seats, to name a few. It would be percolated into the Mercedes-Benz line up like the rest of the S-Class technologies, over the years.